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wall of value


This is the Keller Williams wall of value, this concept originated from a wall within a Market Centre where items of value are placed for all agents to see, including pictures of ALC and Leadership; Growth Share cheques; training calendar; Events calendar; leaderboard; cappers club etc.

This then was seen, in a way, as what the Market Centre offers as a value proposition to Agents and became known as the Wall of Value.

We now see it metaphorically as a physical wall that each block is an item of value, between the blocks is mortar which represents our Culture which strongly binds the value proposition and interconnects with everything of value – it is often said that our Culture is our glue.


Founded in 1983, Keller Williams was built on one principle – How high we go as a company will be determined by how high we lift our people and that is our fundamental principle to this day.

The Keller Williams philosophy is agent-centric and values based, it is about helping agents grow their businesses using proven principles and models – giving them guidance, nurture and support – built for agents by agents.

Ours is a business ownership model, this means that unlike some self-employed models, we support agents in building their businesses, teams and brands in line with their goals.

It rewards agents who build long-term relationships, add value and deliver amazing service – we understand that it is agents that sell and rent properties not brands.


Culture is a very important part of the Keller Williams model, it is the glue that binds the whole business together and is regarded by us as being as important as our Models and Systems.

Unlike some corporate environments, our culture is genuine and a significant part of why we are in business.

We are committed to following a set of beliefs and values that we all work towards.


Keller Williams is a business ownership model that you can follow, everything is documented and organised into four stages which we break down into four models for success.

Think of your Economic Model as a formula that describes the way your business works – it is your equation for success. Once you have set your goals in your Economic Model, you now need to generate the leads to feed it. The key to Lead Generation Model is creating ‘Mind Share’ (which means you are the first person someone thinks about when they think property) with enough people.

The next stage is your Budget Model, it is about understanding what happens to your money between the time you generate it and when you get to keep it. the final model in the series is your Organisation Model, this shows you how to grow your business beyond just you, when you are doing everything you can, you should look to create leverage and build your team.

Each of these four models is tried and tested. Your Market Centre Leadership Team are experts on each model, trained to consult and guide you through the process of building them and sticking to them. We do everything we can to make it seamless for you to build your business.


Training and Education are at the heart of Keller Williams, they are two key areas of value-add for agents and something we have found to be indispensable when it comes to building a business.


Keller Williams agents have access to our suite of technology platforms that are integrated with our preferred suppliers and constantly developing. Through agent feedback we are able to ensure our offering is constantly evolving to meet market demands and agent needs.

KW Vision is Keller Williams UK’s flagship CRM system, combining all aspects of the Keller Williams UK technology suite into one platform. From KW Vision, agents are able to manage their client relations, lead generate and manage transactions through the sales progression screen.

KW Grow – Grow your database with local leads and win the mindshare battle.

KW Nurture – Automated touchpoint software to engage with your database and maximise opportunities.

KW Create – Website design, hosting and SEO solutions for


KW Agent has been designed and built specifically to provide the systems, tools and resources that agents need to thrive as business owners. KW Agent is easily accessible and its resources are structured in the order you are likely to need them – this is your go-to resource.

KW Agent is designed in line with the KW principles, guiding an agent from joining KW, all the way to building a business to finance their goals and dreams.

Keller Williams has a very robust Agent Business Plan based on the 4 models, that we go through in detail with every potential agent as part of their journey. This business plan gives each agent a clear guide to the levels of activity they need to generate, the size of the database that will deliver the leads required, a budget where they can plan their marketing investments and business expenses and finally an organisation model where individuals can plan to build their team in the months and years to come.


Each Keller Williams Market Centre provides agents with consultation and support in line with our model, effectively becoming each agent’s personal business consultant, helping agents grow their businesses to the level they want to deliver their goals.

This consultation starts during your intensive induction giving you support just when you need it. After induction, each agent can have weekly catch-ups and monthly consultations, ensuring agents are clear on their goals and what they need to do each week to achieve them.


Productivity coaching is the vehicle that helps our agents to bridge the divide between understanding what it takes to succeed in estate agency and actually doing it. Focus, purposefulness and accountability are all key ingredients to the success we all strive for, those traits rarely come naturally.

Productivity coaching gets agents motivated to embrace accountability as one of the most powerful tools available to achieve any level of success you desire.


Part of high achievement and performance is having accountability. Most high achievers have an accountability partner or coach, or boss in traditional business.

People are usually very bad at holding themselves accountable, they will create ways in their own minds to justify not achieving what they set out to do, which can be problematic when you are your own boss.

We give you access to that accountability through your Market Centre team and your peers to ensure you are on track to achieve your goals.


A Market Centre is a business hub that provides estate agency support services to agents. The Market Centre provides a great place to work alongside other agents, giving camaraderie and peer support and a great place to meet clients if you need to.

Your Market Centre also provides you with full portal access and support and a superb operating system to build your business with.

The Market Centre Leadership team provides a thorough and informative joining process. You will receive a great onboarding process, induction, full training on the business and the Keller Williams model, consultation and support to help you build your business.


One of the key drivers for our business is to help agents create their own brand and, being relationship based, the best brand an agent can have is themselves. You should be invested in promoting your name and business as the more people who know you, the bigger your business will be.

We recommend you start with Keller Williams branding, but with your name as part of your brand, this means you can take advantage of all the existing templates and branding designed by our dedicated agent marketing team.


The fact that you are part of a network of property professionals means you can exchange opportunities; building a network of contacts that you can give and receive referrals through.

The Keller Williams internal referral network is a unique, and global, relationship between all Keller Williams agents, meaning that you can market your applicants to other agent’s properties and vice versa. This shared referral network allows everyone to succeed through agent collaboration, generating more wealth and completing transactions faster. Everything about the Keller Williams model is built to foster collaboration and wealth building opportunities for you.


Agents have the opportunity to participate in Keller Williams’ Mentorship Program. The Mentorship Program is a foundational element of the development and success of new agents. The program partners new agents with experienced business owners and members of the Associate Leadership Council, which helps them build good habits and helps new agents get into production quicker than agents without this foundation.


On your own, you will inevitably hit a limit to the number of leads and listings you can generate. To break through this barrier, you can leverage tools, systems, and people to grow your business.


The Marketing Calendar is a free and accessible resource for all Associates which provides you with four posts and one post inspiration per week, as well as a host of editable templates you can use to ensuring you are regularly posting interesting and eye catching material to keep you top of mind with your connections.


The Keller Williams model is built around the premise that agents should be stakeholders.

Keller Williams’ profit Share and Growth Share programmes have given more than £500m to agents. Through Growth Share, Keller Williams recognises and rewards agents who help grow the company by attracting people with the entrepreneurial mindset needed to build their own property business and supporting them with their business growth.


You don’t join Keller Williams for what you get, you join Keller Williams for who you become. What you will learn being part of Keller Williams is likely to positively impact every part of your life.

Your Personal Growth is very important to us, naturally we will want to support you with estate agency and business ownership skills, but potentially an even bigger part of our support will be in relation to your mindset. We have several programmes to help you think in a way to get what you want when you want it, including Quantum Leap and 6 Personal Perspectives.

We want to help agents achieve their personal goals, all of our efforts are ultimately with that aim in mind. Be it training, personal development or consultation, we only get to achieve our goals if you achieve yours – our success is interdependent.


KW is a capping model, this means that there is a maximum amount an agent can pay to KW in terms of Royalty and Market Centre Split.

Once that level of income has been reached, Agents receive 98% of their Commission Income – the 2% going to Growth share which is given back to agents as well.


Keller Williams supports you throughout the process of setting up your business with all of the legislation and administration that comes with it.

Once you have set up your business, we will support you to trade compliantly and remain that way.


Keller Williams is proud to produce a series of live events that have fostered our global community of property professionals.

Every Keller Williams event promises the sharing of industry leading ideas, insights from the world’s greatest property practitioners and networking opportunities like no other.

Family Reunion is Keller Williams’ annual, four-day company-wide event, with 20,000 attendees, including 150 breakout sessions.

Mega Camp is another Keller Williams’ annual, four-day company-wide event, focused specifically on agents with 10,000 attendees.

Read our Full Wall of Value HERE

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