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Market trends: what’s shaping the art and antiques sector now?

        Technology continues to drive developments in the art and antiques marketplace. The pace of change is rapid, too, particularly when it comes to the amount of choice for buyers looking to shop online. Whereas last year there were only one or two consolidated bidding platforms that acted as portals to online […]

CBO Group Partners With The London Business Show

            CBO Group are delighted to be partnering with the London Business Show this year as official media partners. For over 20 years, The Business Show has been providing a platform for entrepreneurs looking to start a business or SMEs looking to grow and develop their business, the show has […]

How to be your own boss at activ

                If you’ve come back to work feeling rather deflated after the merriment of Christmas and New Year’s Eve, perhaps it’s time for a new challenge? Let us save you the hassle of googling ‘be your own boss ideas’ in 2023 and demonstrate just what it takes to […]

Cost of Living Crisis and It’s Impact On The Cleaning Sector

The cost of living crisis is featured heavily in the media, but what is its impact on cleaning businesses? Significantly less than you might imagine. There have been a few cancellations due to saving money, but customers can cancel for various reasons anyway eg moving out of the area etc. There are always new customers […]

Should You Buy A Franchise If A Recession Is Looming?

          Should You Buy A Franchise If A Recession Is Looming? If you believe everything that you read, the way things are going, the UK will probably ‘talk’ it’s way into a recession. Although the facts are that in the UK, a recession is defined as a negative economic growth for two […]

Read This If You’re Unable Find A Suitable Franchise!

Read This If You Unable Find A Suitable Franchise! If you’re looking to become a franchisee, you will no doubt be searching high and low for the best franchise opportunities out there! It might seem like there are endless options and your initial search probably asks more questions than gives answers. However, you are eventually […]

Should I Consider Buying A Franchise?

          You are almost certainly reading this because you want to be more in charge of your own future. And then you ask yourself how you go about putting yourself in a position whereby you’re totally in control of your own destiny. Could buying a franchise be one way of having […]

How Much Should I Pay For A Franchise?

The time has finally come for you to consider your own business then! First of all, just the small matter of finding out what options are out there. You might feel a little overwhelmed, as there seems to be an endless number of options to think about. Then there is the realisation that you might […]

Join the activ Franchise in 2022

Join the activ Franchise in 2022. The New Year may have snuck up on us, but its here and its time to embrace it.  Instead of the predictable (and cliché) ‘New Year, New You’ moto’s we thought we would bring you something more interesting in terms of your career with our new franchisee opportunities. Although […]

Do You Need Help To Buy A Franchise?

Do You Need Help To Buy A Franchise? You have finally decided you want to be your own boss then? About time too! What has taken you so long! Now let us consider what you need to do next. There is no manual out there to advise how best to do this, so you might […]

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